Hauppauge, NY- Sunday afternoon thousands of Trump supporters gathered to hold a rally at the H. Lee Dennison Building along Veteran’s Memorial Highway. The constant honking of car and truck horns filled the event as some vehicles blasted patriotic music over loudspeakers.

From flags and banners to toy trucks and stuffed animals, the group converged to show their support for the President.  While some were shouting disbelief for the results of the election, others were more concerned with the national media’s treatment of the president and how it may have influenced the election.  

The event lasted for a few hours and there were no incidents reported.  Suffolk Police were on hand to keep traffic moving through the area and assist the vehicles which flowed into the parking lots. 

Both the north and south lots of the Dennison building were filled before the event ended and the sound of honking horns faded into the distance.