This afternoon the Suffolk SPCA was called to a home on Blake Ave in Bohemia after 34 dogs were found in different stages of neglect in the home.  According to Chief  Roy Gross, of the Suffolk SPCA, the dogs were covered in feces, had wounds and overgrown nails.  The floor of the home itself was covered in feces and had a strong ammonia smell from the urine that was described as “overwhelming” at the front door.  Rodents were also roaming the home, all of which has forced the Town of Islip Fire Marshal to placard the home as uninhabitable. 

All of the animals were taken to the Town of Islip Animal Shelter where they will be evaluated, cleaned and then put up for adoption at a later date.

The couple has been charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty and animal neglect for failing to provide adequate sustenance to the animals and due to the deplorable living conditions. 

According to officials it appears this is a situation that just “got out of hand” for the couple.